Roberta do Rio

Roberta believes that her creations should bring color and poetry to the world. Each piece is an artistic manifestation that goes beyond the conventional, resulting in an authoral design, which has gems as the main protagonists of its creative process.

Jewelry as tradition

Roberta do Rio carries special memories in which jewelry was protagonist in her life long before she discovered herself as a designer. Her memories start from her childhood, remembering the sound of the bracelets that her mother used to pick her up from school. This episode is just one of several others that make up a rich set of stories. With that in mind, the designer emphasizes the importance of conceiving jewelry in an exceptional way, allowing them to transcend time and accompany several generations, transforming them into a family tradition.

Roberta’s career began in fashion, however, her paths led her to discover her true vocation and passion: goldsmithing. “It’s what is eternal in the jewelry that enchants me. In fashion, this is more rare, everything is very fast and ephemeral… In jewelry you feel the touch in all steps, you transform metal into a delicate piece with your hands, i love that.”

The designer creates modern and timeless heritages rooted in art

Roberta’s artistic sensibility transcends her vocation as a jewelry designer. Passionate about painting and visual arts, several of her creations delve into the intrinsic beauty of nature and the feminine complexity, also present as inspiration for the design of the one of a kind jewelry pieces.

“Creating jewelry goes far beyond techinique, it requires soul and art.”



The designer started the story of her brand in 2014, in an exclusive and intimate studio in Ipanema. In 2017, it opened its store on Garcia d’Ávila Street in an elegant and tropical space like Rio is. Full of personality, it became a huge success.

Since then, Roberta do Rio has partnered with renowned national multi-brands: Dona Coisa, in Rio de Janeiro and Dona Santa, in Recife. Also launched collaborations with talented designers such as Andrea Marques, Julia Golldenzon and The Paradise.

In 2021, Roberta launched globally, and today is present in Miami, at Kirna Zabête and New York.

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