This Policy on Privacy and Personal Data Protection (“Policy”) aims to determine the collection, consent and processing of data, whether sensitive or not, as defined in the LGPD (Law No. 13.709, of August 14, 2018, as amended), of customers (“Users”) arising from the activities of Roberta do Rio. 

This Policy applies to both online and offline data collection activities, as well as to all channels used by Roberta do Rio to carry out such collection, which include:

  • Website: [WEBSITE
  • WhatsApp: [IF APPLICABLE]
  • Email: [IF APPLICABLE]
  • Third-Party Social Networks: Instagram and Facebook; and
  •  Ads and Surveys.

We emphasize that this data can be combined, even if collected from different channels.



  • Contact information. These are the data that the User informs during his/her registration on the website, before performing the purchase, as: name, address, telephone number, email, among others. These data will be used to facilitate Roberta do Rio’s contact with the User.
  • Login Information. Login, Password (encrypted) and security question, data that the User provides when registering on Roberta do Rio’s website.
  • Information about your interests. Birthday, age group, hobbies and interests. This information is verified based on purchases made on our website and information made available on Third-Party Social Networks.
  • Information on how you use Roberta do Rio’s websites. Details about which links the User clicks, which pages and content the User views, as well as statistics on their interactions. This collection takes place during User interaction on Roberta do Rio’s website and is carried out through cookies. We remind that, upon entering the website, the User may choose not to allow Roberta do Rio’s usage of this information.
  • Consumer Surveys and Feedback. Experience shared voluntarily by the User, regarding the products sold and the service provided by Roberta do Rio.
  • Content generated by Consumers on Social Media. This information is collected through interactions performed by the User, on their social networks and shared with Roberta do Rio, or just shared publicly on a Third-Party Social Network that Roberta do Rio has access to. This data includes texts, photos, videos, personal stories and is used by the brand for publicity on its website and Third-Party Social Networks, in order to promote products and promotions carried out by Roberta do Rio.
  •  Financial and Payment Information. These are data utilized by the User to make purchases on the website – debit or credit card or other means of payment – which Roberta do Rio needs, in order to fulfill the placed order.



In Compliance with the LGPD, Roberta do Rio informs that it does not make use of its consumers’ Sensitive Personal Data and has no intention of collecting them. If there is a need to collect Sensitive Data in connection with the cases provided for in Article 7 of the LGPD, that is, to (i) comply with a legal obligation; and (ii) crime prevention, these will not be collected without prior and express authorization from the Data Subject, as defined in the LGPD.



Roberta do Rio, through the collection of your personal data, aims to improve and develop products and improve your service, based on the results of satisfaction surveys answered by the User. In addition, the processing of personal data, such as address, name, and payment information, by Roberta do Rio, allows the completion of purchases on the website and contributes to the verification of the User’s identity, preventing fraud and ensuring greater security in shopping on the website.

Furthermore, Roberta do Rio will also utilize the Users’ personal data for marketing and promotions, in order to verify what most pleases and interests its consumers. These actions can be done through emails, advertisements, social networks or a website.

Roberta do Rio does not share, sell or lend any type of personal data of its Users to other clients, individuals, legal entities or associations.



Users’ personal data will be stored in a secure operating environment in order to prevent any unauthorized access. These data will be used as provided by this Policy and only for its intended purpose, in connection with the data collection.

Roberta do Rio reinforces the need for the User to also take special care with the disclosure of their personal data. When creating an online account, make sure that the password you choose is strong and secure, and when accessing your account on a public computer, never record your password, always confirming that you have logged out of your account when you stop using the computer.



Cookies are small files utilized by Roberta do Rio on her website to improve its use and functionality, also serving as a facilitator in receiving consumer feedback, as these are used to provide information to Roberta do Rio about interactions on the website.

In addition, cookies also make use of tracking technology, which can collect information such as: IP addresses, log files and web beacons, among others, which will be used to adapt the Roberta do Rio website and products to your needs and according to your personal interests. However, the User may choose to disable, on his/her computer, the sharing of these data with Roberta do Rio.